Download buttons are in place for the new versions of One Photo (2.0) and One Butterfly (1.2), check out their pages in the left menu or click the boxes image above. Enjoy!
New versions for One Photo (2.0) and One Butterfly (1.2) are out, but the official Yahoo! Widgets Gallery is down... forever. The Yahoo! Inc. decided to kill the desktop engine, focusing on the "Yahoo! Connected TV" big thing. For now, the engine can still be downloaded, but not the widgets. I will set up download buttons for my widgets here, in their respective pages, as soon as posible.
The new 1.1 version of One Butterfly is out. It fixes a bug in 'Go Beyond Screen' functions that was forcing the butterfly to fly only in the bottom half of the screen... Check out its page for more details or go get it from the Yahoo! Widgets Gallery.