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Version: 2.0
Updated: March 28, 2012
One Photo
Put your favorite photo on your desktop!
 Short Description
Ever wanted to have a photo on your computer screen like one on a real desk?... Then this widget is for you!... Decorate your computer screen with your favorite picture!
14 customizable border models
7 overlay textures
3 color effects
4 fastening device types:
    13 pins
    38 magnets
    3 tape types
    14 corners
can display images from your local drives or from the internet (including live feeds: daily pic, webcam, etc.)
playlist based slideshow, complete with a powerful editor
configurable digital clock
...and much, much more! 
One Photo has been promoted on Widget Spotlight! Version 1.4 has been promoted on Widget Spotlight (in the Yahoo! Widgets Gallery) for one full week in May 2007.
This has raised the number of downloads from 19600 to 37900...
Wow! Thanks Ricky!
The initial idea for this widget belong to a good friend, Viorel Catusanu, who wanted to have a photo of his daughter, Alexandra, on his desktop, but did not want to fill the whole screen with her face using a wallpaper... So, I opened up the Notepad text editor, took a few looks in the Yahoo! Widgets Manual, and
in a few hours version 1.0 beta was in the hands of my friend!... Two versions later, I uploaded the widget in the official Yahoo! Widgets Gallery. The rest is history...

Now, your childs and love ones can smile to you from the corner of your desktop, reminding you that love is all around! Or, you can use a photo of your favorite pet, car, landscape, artwork, superstar, or what ever you want, even webcams feeds from the internet, to lighten up your day!
Rotate it, zoom it and move it across screen as you please. Change the border model and color to match your wallpaper or your mood. Use fastening devices like pins, magnets and tapes to further customize it's appearance. You can also apply color effects and overlay textures to enhance the look of the image as you desire...
And, above all, keep in mind that the beauty of this widget is comming from YOUR picture!... Enjoy!
 Version 1.0 beta private release - November 09, 2006 
+ browse for photo;
+ rotation (minim -15, maxim 15);
+ zoom (minim 50%, maxim 100% - see note* below)
+ border color and width;
+ antialias (enhanced edges if rotation is not 0);
+ drag&drop handle: if valid file (png, jpg, gif, bmp), change photo;
*note: Large pictures are scaled down before compiling zoom preference. "Large" means a picture with a width or height bigger than half of the screen width or height. 100% refers to the size after this scaling. Pictures with smaller dimensions are not scaled down, so 100% is the original size in this case...
 Version 1.1 private release - January 15, 2007 
+ added functions to temporarily hide OnePhoto window, revealing whatever is behind it;
+ added function to reveal photo file in its location;
+ added preference to handle double clicks on window (one of the above function, or none);
 Version 1.2 public release - February 21, 2007 
+ added color effects (black & white, sepia, custom colorize);
+ added fastening devices (pin, magnet, tape);
+ fixed a bug in 'Temporarily Hide Photo' functions;
 Version 1.3 public release - March 20, 2007 
+ added border models (known issue: tape bevel don't follow model);
+ added overlay effect (photo paper, video screen, noise, glass, mud cracks);
+ added clock display (digital);
+ file drop indicator is now configurable;
+ can load images from internet addresses, with optional refresh interval for live feeds;
+ added hotkey (Ctrl+Shift+T) and functions to temporarily bring window on top;
+ added 'Save Image to Disk' to save a copy of the current image loaded from internet;
+ added internet addresses Favorites list;
+ code & preferences window optimization;
 Version 1.4 public release - April 12, 2007 
+ added 'Check Widget Version' functions & preference;
+ added dock icon;
+ fixed a bug in clock functions;
+ code & preferences window optimization & tuning;
 Version 2.0 public release - March 28, 2012 
+ the widget now allows to be spawned using the "copy and rename" method;
+ added new Image Source: "Slideshow Playlist"; [in Photo]
+ added Slideshow options (interval, order, reverse order); [in Behavior]
+ added Slideshow Playlist Editor;
+ added new Fastening Device: "Corners"; [in Extra]
+ added corners options (type, color, size); [in Extra]
+ added corners types (14 models); [in Extra]
+ added new pins, including Pushpin (9 more models); [in Extra]
+ added new magnets (21 more models); [in Extra]
+ added new border models, including None (4 more models); [in Design]
+ added new overlay textures (2 more models); [in Effects]
+ added new file/URL drop indicators (3 more models); [in Synergy]
+ added new image control effect: "Luminance"; [in Effects]
+ added "Rotate Pin or Magnet along with photo" option; [in Extra]
+ added "Border Opacity" option; [in Design]
+ added "Resize Anchor" option (with multimonitor support); [in Behavior]
+ added "Passepartout" options (14 models); [in Design]
+ added "Slideshow Buttons" options (8 models); [in Synergy]
+ added "Dock Icon" options, including Active icon (4 models); [in Synergy]
+ added "Save Customized Photo To Disk" to save a screenshot of the photo to disk;
+ added "Export Preferences" and "Import Preferences" to quickly restore a previously customized look;
+ added "Mark What's New in This Version" to hilight new menu items and preferences;
+ renamed the "Color Fx" preferences group to "Effects";
+ renamed the "Save Image To Disk" menu to "Save URL Source Image To Disk";
+ adapted the "Check Widget Version" functions to work with the new Gallery layout;
+ changed size handling (from "Zoom" to "Maxim Size") [in Geometry]
+ changed the default shadow with a thin, shallow shadow;
+ the hotkey to temporarily bring window on top is now configurable; [in Synergy]
+ the fade out/in when applying changes can now be switched off; [in Behavior]
+ the inner glow is now configurable; [in Effects]
+ the shadow can now be switched off; [in Effects]
+ rotation method optimized (all elements are rotated in one step);
+ antialias option removed (the new rotation method provides native antialiasing);
+ fixed a bug in functions to temporarily bring window on top;
+ fixed some minor bugs;
 Screenshots of version 1.4 (new version 2.0 screenshots coming soon...)
Straight border with Paper tape Top Hat border with Gold pin Glass border with Clock Webcam feed: Eiffel Tower - Paris, France
File Drop Indicators Border models Border models Pin models
Magnet models Tape models Color effects Overlay textures
Digital Clock About box Preferences window, Photo tab Preferences window, Design tab
Preferences window, Behavior tab Preferences window, Color Fx tab Preferences window, Extra tab Preferences window, Clock tab